As in the past: to support the emergence of companies that are leaders in their business sectors.

To act as a relay for the shareholdership in the vicinity which wishes to participate in the development of both local and international companies via C2i.

As an independent investment company, C2i specialises in private equity and venture capital, focusing mainly on the European market.

C2i pursues active participation and an enterprise-driven approach, oriented towards value creation. This way, C2i helps companies increase turnover and profitability.

Over the past decades, C2i has formed partnerships with top companies, helping them realise their strategic plans. Today, C2i continues to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises with an attractive track record, impressive growth perspectives and a strong market position. As such, C2i gives investors the opportunity to participate in non-listed companies.

C2iís ambition is to create value by investing in promising small to medium-sized companies and to actively accompany and support these companies as a professional and experienced partner in their growth, expansion, operational improvement and financial optimization

Investing mainly with its own balance sheet assets, C2i realises stable growth and expansion in a highly competitive, increasingly internationalised and specialised private equity market.

C2iís strong cash position permits steady growth in both original and new activities. The extensive experience and high degree of specialization and professionalism of C2i employees, combined with a continuing thrust towards innovation and exploring new opportunities, form a strong basis for further ambitious growth.

As an active and professional partner, C2i manages an extensive portfolio of geographically and sectorally diversified private equity investments. The capital gains that C2i is able to realize benefit all its investors through the companyís consistent dividend policy and its equity growth.

To maintain and strengthen its position as one of the top quartile players in its market, C2i pursues a strategy that revolves around targeted internationalisation and specialisation.


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